We do everything in-house

We have been providing a comprehensive and industry-leading casting and machining service from our own Kent-based premises for over 60 years. 

We offer aluminium, iron and bronze castings as well as their specialist alloys such as high-silicon or low-temperature varieties. We can cast up to 1000kg. and are experts in gravity die castings offering world-class pieces of exceptional integrity.

With over 20 precision industrial CNC machines on-site and a range of manual machining and finishing tools, our experienced staff can offer flexibility for prototype, small batch and mass-produced works – with or without connected casting. 

Once cast and machined, we have an extensive range of technical and quality checks via chemical and mechanical analysis from our extensive ultrasonic and pressure testing facilities. Our finishing team then offers powder coat, wet paint or surface treatments according to client requirements and as part of the complete engineering package.

Our machine shops and foundries operate alongside our fabricating, painting and assembly facilities to provide every service your project might need – all working seamlessly together in one business.

Aluminium Castings

Exact aluminium castings up to 1000kg and expert gravity die castings up to 50kg


Copper-based bronze castings and alloys up to 120kg


Grey, SG / Ductile and 400 / 18 LT SG specialist iron at up to 380kg

CNC and hand machining

Advanced CNC machines alongside skilled conventional craft engineers


Non-destructive, die penetrant, UV, spectrographic, ultrasonic and more


Profiling, bending, cutting and rolling with MIG, TIG and ARC welding on site


Our team are ready to speak with you and provide plans, costings, timeframes and solutions.