Industry accreditations and assurances

Our client-focussed business includes planning, design, and manufacture, to ensure every aspect of your project is carefully taken care of by our experienced team.

We give all of our clients and suppliers complete peace of mind, not only with our excellent customer service and quality assurances but also through our dedicated certification and progressive operations schemes – all independently verified.

The outstanding level of detail and dedication that we put into our training and processes, ensures that every component leaving our workshop is 100% tested and approved for its specified purpose. No snags, no callbacks and no installation or usage issues further down the production chain.

CE and ISO meanings

CE marking originated in 1985 and regards a certification mark that nowadays is a crucial aspect for many products on the European market. The main focus of the EU directives is on health, safety, and environmental protection.

Our use of the CE mark and certification guarantees our products are safe for their intended use on the internal market.

The symbol is distinguishable by its large C and E. Many people believe these letters stand for China Export but the letters are actually an acronym of the French Conformité Européene, which translates to European Conformity. In short, the symbol indicates that a product adheres to the regulations and directives set up by the European Union.

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a certification that demonstrates conformity with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain.

UKCA marking became part of UK law following Brexit. The scope and procedures of the UKCA scheme will initially follow those for CE marking, and the CE mark is accepted as a valid alternative until January 2023.

Our UKCA markings will overtake our use of the CE mark, where applicable, from 2023.

ISO stands for ‘International Organisation for Standardisation’.

Getting ISO accreditation proves that our products, services and processes are world-class in their quality, safety and efficiency.