Expert machining
and casting services

Traditional sand and gravity casting meets cutting edge machining and fabrication 

British manufacturing since 1958

Precise machining accurate to 20 microns

Specialist casting: iron, aluminium and bronze

Officially ISO accredited and CE approved

All parts - expertly engineered

MJAllen Castings and Machining is an established machining, engineering, casting and fabricating company operating from Kent, UK, for over 60 years. Now with a 100+ strong team and a turnover of £7million.

We began by crafting patterns in 1958 and now manufacture for the Aerospace, Military Defence, Automotive and Medical sectors along with general engineering, manufacturing and even decorative markets.

With hundreds of years of combined knowledge, working for national and international clients, we can improve every stage of your production – from concepts and CAD to testing and finishing – all from one contact.

Every service available

Our machine shops and foundries operate alongside our fabricating, painting and assembly facilities to provide every service your project might need – all working seamlessly together in one business.

Aluminium Castings

Exact aluminium castings up to 1000kg and expert gravity die castings up to 50kg


Copper-based bronze castings and alloys up to 120kg


Grey, SG / Ductile and 400 / 18 LT SG specialist iron at up to 380kg

CNC and hand machining

Advanced CNC machines alongside skilled conventional craft engineers


Non-destructive, die penetrant, UV, spectrographic, ultrasonic and more


Profiling, bending, cutting and rolling with MIG, TIG and ARC welding on site

Established and trusted

Our work has been relied upon for decades to provide safe and long-lasting solutions to a wide variety of sectors such as Civil, Medical, Marine, Defence, Automotive and even Aerospace.

Inside Big Ben
The clock mechanism was destroyed in 1976 by falling weights. Working with original plans from 1856, we cast and machined new parts and had Big Ben repaired for Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee visit to Westminster in May 1977.
Global defence systems
Our work is seen around the world in military and private defence systems such as gun turrets and equipment housings. This work is done to extremely tight tolerances and made compatible with later-stage arms manufacturers.
Automotive and power
We cast a wide range of large aluminium-body diesel engines used in road automotive, land trains, marine vessels and mass power generation applications. Across land and sea, our work is helping to power both private and public transport systems and the cities they visit.
Medical and healthcare
We cast and machine components and equipment for national and international medical markets, including state-of-the-art devices such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning systems.


All our work is of the highest quality and unique to our clients. We take pride in being part of your production process and will work with you to establish the most cost-effective way that we can help.

Leave your contact details and a brief description of your project and we will get back in touch with further information.